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Are Unicorns Real?

Episode 5_Are_Unicorns_Real

Heidi has a very special guest on the podcast today, Stella. They’re friends, but there’s one thing they just can’t seem to agree on.

Are unicorns real?

Stella also emphasises the importance of housing your unicorn on your back deck. They only live on clean decks apparently.

Theme song “Skeletons are Made of Bones” created in Logic Pro X by our Head Honcho - Brianna Ansaldo & Heidi.

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Heidi: ”Skeletons are made of bones. (a bunch of times) Skeletons are in the dead. Persons die sometimes on the bed".

Hello, my name is Heidi. Woah! I can hear myself!
Welcome to my podcast, Convos with Kiddos. 

This episode is about unicorns. 

I have a special guest called Stella. She’s from Kindy. She believes in unicorns, but I don’t. And she’s my best friend.




Brianna: What are we talking about today guys?

Stella: One of my friends has a unicorn and they only come and clean decks. 

Brianna: You mean like your verandah?

Stella: Yeah, but if you clean your deck and nothing is on it, and it looks so shiny, it will come and live there. 

And it likes eating carrots and doughnuts. For breakfast it likes eating yoghurt. 

Heidi: I love doughnuts and yoghurt!

Brianna: Me too. I love doughnuts and yoghurt. That’s the best thing ever. 

Stella: What about if you dip a doughnut in yoghurt. Would that taste good?

Brianna: Urgh yuck. I don’t think so.

Stella: It will.

Heidi: I don’t like doughnuts and yoghurt if they’re mixed together. 

Stella: Me either.

Brianna: So this unicorn, what does a unicorn look like, because I’ve never seen one?

Stella: Well, it’s white and rainbow colours. But not black or brown because that’s the colours that unicorns don’t like.

Brianna: Oh woah, and how do you make a unicorn?

Stella: Well, it’s real. A unicorn is real. 

Heidi: They’re only in fairytales. They aren’t real. I know that. My daddy told me that.

Stella: No. Some grownups don’t know that unicorns are real, because a grown up is saying the truth.

Brianna: Oh, so some grownups don’t even believe that unicorns are real, and that’s what happens?

Stella: Yeah, but they actually do have unicorns. And I’m going to visit their house and I’m going to say to everybody, “There is a unicorn,” if I see it on their deck.

Brianna: Do they only live on decks, like verandahs?

Stella: Yeah. They like decks.

Brianna: Oh woah, cool. Did you know that Heidi?

Heidi: Well the only thing I knew that unicorns don’t exist. 

Stella: Well they do.

Heidi: And I know that they don’t because my daddy told me, and I believe in myself about that.

Stella: I believe the person that says they actually do. So they do.

Brianna: We’re allowed to believe different things aren’t we?

Stella: Yeah. 


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