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Heidi Has 20 Kids


It’s a hard life when you’ve got 20 kids. Heidi breaks down how she handles having that many kids, and introduces us all to her imaginary boyfriend/husband “Tom”. It’s a complicated relationship as he keeps moving to far away locations. We’re yet to be formally introduced to him, but they’ve been married multiple times.

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Theme song “Skeletons are Made of Bones” created in Logic Pro X by our Head Honcho - Brianna Ansaldo & Heidi.

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Heidi: ”Skeletons are made of bones. (a bunch of times) Skeletons are in the dead. Persons die sometimes on the bed".

Hello, my name is Heidi. Woah! I can hear myself!
Welcome to my podcast, Convos with Kiddos. 
Today my podcast is about how much you love your families.
I'll tell you how much I love my family. 
I love my family as all of the bugs in the world. And I will never break that love because I love them all the time. 
And Tom, Tom is my husband. I love him as much as all of the bugs in the world too. 


Brianna: What do you want to talk about today Heidi?
Heidi: Well, I'm the fastest kid in the history of the entire world.
Brianna: How did you get so fast?
Heidi: I don't know by just training and exercising. 
I'll show you my exercise.
Brianna: Okay.
Heidi: I do this. <running on the spot> and that's how I got the fastest.
Brianna: You are really, really fast.
How about we talk about Tom today? Let's talk about Tom.
Heidi: He's my imaginary boyfriend.
Brianna: Where does he live?
Heidi: He lives at South America, I live at South America. My kids live at South America. 
I have twenty kids.
Brianna: Twenty kids! Oh my gosh. That's a lot of kids. How do you look after all those kids?
Heidi: Well, we've got twenty bedrooms and only one bathroom, only one toilet. So, they can take their turns. 
Brianna: Yeah, they have to.
Heidi: But it would take all night and all day.
Brianna: Oh my gosh, it would take a long time. Twenty kids with one bathroom. That is diabolical.
Heidi: Yeah.
Brianna: Do you know what diabolical means?
Heidi: Yeah, but I teach those kids to go really fast.
Brianna: To wee really fast?
Heidi: Yeah.
Brianna: How many TV's are there?
Heidi: Two TV's. It's a big TV and it's a big bedroom that they can watch it on.  And, of course they have twenty plates.
Brianna: You definitely need twenty plates. At least.
Heidi: We need a million plates.
Brianna: It must be hard work having that many kids. Do you have a job as well?
Heidi: Yeah. My sons and Lucy work at my job, and Tom works at my job.
Brianna: Oh woah. What's your job again?
Heidi: My job is fixing bum bums.
Brianna: Fixing bum bums. 
Heidi: And fixing vaginas with Tom and my big boys and my big girl. 
Brianna: So it's a family business is it?
Heidi: Michael and Lucy is the most one million, one hundred helpful kids. 
Brianna: That's great.
It's good to have helpful kids. You're a pretty helpful kid. 
Heidi: Yeah. That's why I love Michael and Lucy so much.
Brianna: Oh, they're the best. 
Heidi: They're just really precious.
Brianna: That's nice.
Heidi: I think that's the end of my talk now. I think I want to go and watch Rio.


Thanks for listening to my podcast.

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