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Heidi Plays Mums and Dads


The tables have turned today as Heidi takes on the challenge of being a Mum to her popcorn stealing, pyromaniac daughter. She also explains the importance of sticky tape when you accidentally cut off your toes.

If you’ve ever wondered how to be a good mother, listen in and get some tips from a four-year-old. The struggle is real.

Theme song “Skeletons are Made of Bones” created in Logic Pro X by our Head Honcho - Brianna Ansaldo & Heidi.

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Heidi: ”Skeletons are made of bones. (a bunch of times) Skeletons are in the dead. Persons die sometimes on the bed".

Hello, my name is Heidi. Woah! I can hear myself!
Welcome to my podcast, Convos with Kiddos. 

This episode is about playing Mums and Dads. Playing Mums and Dads is the best thing that I love doing with my friends.




Brianna: Mummy, I want to go out tonight with my friends.

Heidi: As long as you are with your friend’s mummy. If you’re only with your friends then you will get lost.

Brianna: And I’m going to go see a movie.

Heidi: Everything’s better with popcorn.

Brianna: And I might be out really late.

Heidi: Oh, that’s okay. As long as you miss your mummy really late.


Brianna: Okay. Bye Mum.

I’m out at the movies?

Heidi: Yeah.

Brianna: Bring bring. Bring bring.

Heidi: Hello?

Brianna: Hi Mummy. It’s your daughter.

Heidi: Hi.

Brianna: Um, I got into a bit of trouble.

Heidi: Oh what?

Brianna: Well I actually got caught by the police.

Heidi: Oh my god, how did you do that? Did you do something bad?

Brianna: Yeah I did.

Heidi: Well what did you do?

Brianna: I stole some popcorn.

Heidi: From another person?

Brianna: Yeah. Can you come and pick me up from the jail house?

Heidi: Now you’re safe.

Brianna: Thanks. Awesome.

Bye Mum. I’m going to keep going in my movie now. You can go home. Bye.

Heidi: Bye.

Brianna: Bring bring. Bring bring.

Heidi: What?

Brianna: Hi Mum. It’s me again.

This time I did something really bad.

Heidi: What?

Brianna: I started a fire.

Heidi: How did you start that?

Brianna: I was just lighting matches for my birthday cake.

Heidi: Was it an accident?

Brianna: It was an accident.

Heidi: Oh my god. We’ll have to tell them that it was an accident.

Ah fireman it was an accident. She was lighting the matches for her cake, but then she accidentally started a fire. So it’s an accident.

Heidi as the Fireman: Oh, okay Heidi. We’ll let her go.

Heidi: Ah next time just let me light the matches.

Brianna: I’m going to go back to the movies now. Bye!

Heidi: Good. Bye.

Brianna: Bring bring. Bring Bring.

Heidi: Oh, what is it this time for the fifteenth time!?

Brianna: I accidentally chopped off my toes.

Heidi: Oh my god that’s not very good. I’ll give you a spare one.

Brianna: <laughs>

Heidi: Actually I put the toes that you accidentally cut off back on you.

Brianna: Oh, how did you do that?

Heidi: Well I fixed them with sticky tape. When they attach to you fully without the sticky tape’s help then I’ll take the sticky tape off and you will be fine.

Brianna: Oh my gosh. You sound like a doctor or something.

Heidi: I am a doctor.

Brianna: Well, thanks.

Can you come and pick me up and tuck me in for sleeping?

Heidi: Drive, drive, drive, drive, drive. Tuck you in to bed.

Brianna: Can you sing me a lullaby so I can go to sleep nicely?

Heidi: <sings> Rock-a-bye baby on the tree top.

and you start to get sleepy

<sings> the cradle will fall and down will come baby, cradle and all.

Brianna: Night, night Mummy.

Heidi: Night night.

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