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Heidi is a big fan of going to the toilet. She loved it so much, that she created PooTown. It’s a really cool place with a lot of stuff that you can find in the human world, but you can’t go there unless you’re a poo. Oh, there’s also no baddies. That’s a big plus for the population of PooTown.

So, the next time you’re sitting on the loo dropping a stinker , you’ll be happy knowing your poos are heading off to somewhere pretty special.

Theme song “Skeletons are Made of Bones” created in Logic Pro X by our Head Honcho - Brianna Ansaldo & Heidi.

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Heidi: ”Skeletons are made of bones. (a bunch of times) Skeletons are in the dead. Persons die sometimes on the bed".

Hello, my name is Heidi. Woah! I can hear myself!
Welcome to my podcast, Convos with Kiddos. 
This episode is about PooTown. PooTown is when you go to the toilet, your poos drop out and they go into PooTown. PooTown is a drain. There is poo buildings, a fart pool that poo like, and there's a water slide and there's surfboards. It's really fun in PooTown. 


Alexander: Tell me about PooTown. 

Heidi: Well when you do a poo, it goes down a drain, and then it goes into PooTown. There's a water slide, a big water slide that goes up and down, and up and down, up and down in PooTown. PooTown is a drain. 

Alexander: And what sort of things go to PooTown? 

Heidi: Poo. 

Alexander: Well how is poo made? 

Heidi: By food? We chomp, chomp, chomp and then it goes down a wiggly pipe, down a wiggly pipe and then it gets changed into this drops of little water, and then it changes into poo. Plop. Into a toilet. 

Alexander: And what sort of things are at PooTown besides water slides? 

Heidi: Parks for little poos and grown ups poos and there's restaurants. It's exactly like a human world. 

Alexander: A bit smellier maybe? 

Heidi: Yeah. Poos like smelly. 

And there's no baddies. 

Alexander: No baddies at all? 

Heidi: No, no baddies. 

Alexander: I kind of like PooTown, can I go there? 

Heidi: But you're not a poo. 

Alexander: Can you eat me and then I'll become a poo? 

Heidi: But you'll be too big. Plus humans will taste gross. 

Alexander: Yeah that's true. 

Heidi: But to crocodiles they don't. Crocodiles are the only ones that eat humans. 

Alexander: So if we find a crocodile I can get eaten and turned into poo, and go to PooTown! 

Heidi: Well, that's not actually how it works. Crocodiles don't have a poo hole. 

Alexander: So what happens to all the things that crocodiles eat? 

It's different to us like you know how we eat food and then the food turns into poo. And if we drink water then the water turns into wee. 

Alexander: Yeah that's right. 

Heidi: But it's really weird. I'm not sure if you're going to understand this, but I'll tell you to it. Crocodiles are really, really different. So a food turns into wee! If they drink water, a water turns into poo. 

Alexander: Where does their poo come out of? 

Heidi: Ah, their tail I think? 

Alexander: Like the end of the tail? 

Heidi: Yeah. 

Alexander: And wee, does it come out of the same hole? 

Heidi: It comes from their foot. 

Alexander: Their foot! 

Heidi: One time I saw it weeing and pooing. 

Alexander: You saw a crocodile doing a wee from it's foot, and a poo from its tail. This is too complex for me to understand.

Heidi: I know so much about crocodiles because my boyfriend Tom told me all about them and the history of the entire world. Cut!

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