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Bamby Media is a company that I started because I’m obsessed with quality content. Music was all I was ever super interested in (other than LEGO) and I worked in the field for over a decade. Then the podcast movement exploded and brought with it the ability for anyone to find their niche and share it with like-minded people. This blew my mind and expanded the possibilities. Now I’ve combined all the things I love into a super fun way to make a living and have an expanding team of awesome people to work with me along the way.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production and my work has been featured in films, on television and in advertising campaigns. I also used to play live but when I started really getting into production, it completely took over.

My love is in the creation of sound. I want to tell a story and I want to communicate that via high quality, interesting audio. Whether that be podcast production, composition, my work as a music producer, arrangement or voice work, it’s about delivering an auditory experience that makes the listener feel something powerful.

Together with the team at Bamby Media, we’re always looking for our next powerful project.

Have a browse around the site and see where the Bamby Media team can help you create quality audio experiences.


Head Honcho @ Bamby Media